A.M. Cannon

"I know for certain it was not I who put the trees in the forrest. I do not raise the sun to shine in the sky every day, nor do I snuff it out at night"

I grew up in a suburb just west of Cleveland, Ohio, the youngest of six children born to a first generation French American mother and a dyed-in-the-wool 100% Irish Catholic father, or so he thought.  When I started digging around in the genealogical graveyards of my paternal ancestors I discovered that my father's Irish heritage was not as pure as he believed it was. The revelation that my paternal great grandfather and great grandmother were in fact pure English led me to reclaim my English roots and write my first novel of historical fiction, a tale that begins in the South Downs of England, land of my very own ancestors.

Doctor Chauncey, Bedlam: The Case of Lord Simon

The year is 1554; Simon Stanley, last in the House of the Stanley peerage, has come undone and found himself surrounded by lunatics in London's notorious Bedlam insane asylum.  Against all odds he must overcome the tyranny of the ghost of his beloved sister Catherine, persistently looming in the foggy mist of his life, lest he be lost in the dark abyss of insanity forever.

Soon to be released: Bedlam: The Case of Lord Simon. First in a series of historical novels that take place during the Tudor reign.